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Help & Info about Photo Grid for android

  • What is Photo Grid for Android?

    Photo Grid Maker is a special Android app that allows users to transform their photos into a collage of images. The app also comes with a number of special effects such as filters and stickers that can be added to the collage to make them extra special.
  • What Are the Main Features of Photo Grid for Android?

    Photo Grid provides users with more than three hundred different layouts to choose from. The photo editor feature makes it easy for users to stylise their photographs and add stickers, text and other types of effects to a customised background.
  • How to I Reorder my Photos using Photo Grid for Android?

    Users of Photo Grid can reorder their photos any time they choose to make the perfect collage. Simply visit the page editor section and hover over the desired grid. Click on the Pencil icon and the click on edit grid to reorder grid photos in a number of different ways.
  • Can I Upload Additional Photos to My Existing Photo Grid for Android Folder?

    It is possible to add extra photos to an existing grid at any time. Simply go to the page editor section of the app and hover over the required grid. Click on Pencil and then edit Grid. The add photos option will appear and then addition files can be uploaded to the grid.
  • Can I Change the Width of My Folder in Photo Grid for Android?

    Adjusting the width of the folder pages it possible for users to add more photos to their collage while still keeping them in a single display. Simply locate the width icon in the page editor and then swipe left and right to adjust the width of the grid.
  • How Many Grids Can Be Created on One Page with Photo Grid for Android?

    Users can add as many photos to a single page as they want. However, it should be noted that pages that contain a large number of photos may be slower and look clumsier than pages that feature a lower number of photos.
  • What is the Lightbox Feature in Photo Grid for Android?

    The Lightbox feature is used to expand images within a single page and present them in the form of a slideshow. This feature is particularly useful if there is a large number of images on a single page.
  • How Do I Enable the Lightbox Feature in Photo Grid for Android?

    The Lightbox feature can be enabled by clicking on the Settings gear icon that can be found on the left toolbar. Click on the Site Options tab followed by Lightbox for Images tab and then tick the boxes to allow the feature for images.
  • Can I Change the Name of My Gallery in Photo Grid for Android?

    The Gallery name can be done as often as required and can be achieved through the Manage Content tab. Click on Edit Gallery Title that appears in the drop-down menu and type the new name of the folder.
  • How Do I Add Pages to My Gallery in Photo Grid for Android?

    Extra pages can be added by clicking on Manage Content. The different Page titles will be listed under each of the Galleries and there is an option to add pages.


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